Scene 1: 

The shot looks like a still photograph. The height of the camera, angle and backlight give the turtle and rocks in the bowl the same tones and shapes, so the eye needs time to discern what's going on, which is nice. I consciously showed both sides of the door and the reflection of the bowl on the tiles. This works and makes the eye wonder around the image, giving reason to the length of the shot. The camera shifts slightly, at first I thought that might be a bit distracting, but now I see how it works in giving the hint that the scene is not a still image. From the moment the turtle moves its head, the story starts. 

Scene 2: 

The change between the angle and sharpness is very sudden, but I wonder if it gives the effect I’m looking for. Going from blurry to sharp shows the division between the outside and the bowl. The movements of the camera are not smooth, especially because of a cut in between. I need to improve moving the camera while filming. The added vignetting confirms subjective point of view, but I wonder if it’s too much. I used the manual focus on the camera. I need to practice that technique more while holding the camera in an easier position and get to the point of knowing what the camera is capturing without looking at the viewfinder.

Scene 3: I like the clarity and the way the turtle’s expression fits within the story. I’ve cut the scene at the point where the turtle is looking down so that it assumes that he’s trying to climb out. I’m not sure if that’s very obvious. I find the shot attractive because of the low angle and the position of the turtle in relationship of the bowl and the dvd in the back. 

Scene 4: The high angle works because it shows an uneasiness when the turtle walks around and the lack of direction where the turtle is going. Because there are no defined points of reference in the frame, the scene accentuates the feelings of disorientation that the turtle might be feeling. The lighting could have been better to match with the next scene.

Scene 5: Subjective objective shots need to be very clear where it’s coming from, I’m not sure if this is the case, even with the vignetting that creates the link to the bowl scene. The low angle works, to give a locked up feel to the scene.