Movie: Unknown

I watched this movie just after reading the parts on subjective and objective shots and the visualization exercise. I didn't particularly think the movie was very good, but it sure used all the framing and visualization tricks you can think of! It already starts with a frame in which you're seeing what the main character sees when he's opening his eyes for the first time after having been in a coma for a few days. Then there's the grand variety of third and first person objective viewpoints and subjective viewpoints with the action. Maybe because I was paying so much attention to it, I thought it was a bit of an overdosis of clues to the story, which made it too predictable and very distracting from the story the movie was conveying. Maybe there were other elements not working of which I have not become aware of. Scenario might definitely be one of them!  

I learned from watching this movie that with using whatever technique, one has to be careful to make sure that the techniques are serving the story and development of the plot and not there to spicen up or hide elements that are not strong in the plot. Besides that, they should not be overdone so that they become a distraction from the story itself, so that the movie looses its coherence. Which sure happened in 'Unknown'.

Thank goodness Liam Neeson is rather good-looking :-)