Building a story

This exercise can be explained in different ways. I'm wondering whether the aim is to show how you can show different stories in one image or show how to construct a story from different scenes within one image. I'll just do both! 

To find an image that has a lot of story telling in it, I decided it would be a good idea to choose one with a lot of different people in it that seemingly are not connected. I took this photo in a fishing village a few months ago:


There are  a few things going on and the image can sort of be divided in three parts, the part with the horse cart and the men, the two ladies standing on the left side and the mother and child in the middle. Here are the smaller images: 

All images can tell a completely different story.

1. Two women have just run away after burning down their house and are now waiting for somebody to pick them up and move to a different town. 

2. A woman has bought some fish on the market that she keeps fresh in a bucket. Her child wants to touch the fish, but the mother tells her not to. 

3. After a long day of fishing, two men have loaded up the catch of the day on their cart and are on their way to the market to sell their fish. 

Then, the images could also be used to tell a story on its own: 


A woman and a child have got their bucket with fish ready to sell them to the guys with the horse cart. They walk off to the next set of boats where two other women are waiting for the cart to buy fish from them (I need an other image in which you can see women buying fish!) 

What I like about this exercise is that instead of looking at an image as a whole, I am learning to divide an image in different frames that can each have a completely different function, stand on its own, be the beginning of a completely different story, or add important information to the story of the image itself. It's quite exciting to realize that every frame has so much potential, on the other hand, it asks for firm decision making and knowing on what to focus in order to tell the story that wants to be told.