Telling a Story

This chapter is all about becoming aware of how a movie is structured and chipping the different elements that make the story. For me it's new to watch a movie from this structural point of view, instead of just being drawn into the story or subject. 

What I especially noticed in this part are the requirements that each elements of the movie need to have in order to make the story or subject coherent and believable. There has to be a certain logic and consistency in the story, which is also made through the set up of the scene, lighting, background and placements of the subjects included.  

Each frame is sort of a next step in the movie. To have meaning, it needs to show the location the step is taken, the direction in which it is going and the speed as well.

The idea of this exercise is to tell a story in 5 frames. I did not choose a nursery rhyme, but a typical thing that could have happened in a school situation. I used to be a teacher and guess that deep down I'm missing it a bit :-)

When drawing the story I concentrated on showing the setting in which the story takes place, and how that also effects the line of the story, I focused in on the expressions of the characters and on the cropping of the frames themselves in order to give all the essential information to understand the story. I hope it's understandable and welcome all comments!