I have doubted for quite some time about whether it was a good idea to do this course. First of all, I am not good at making film. My hands are not steady, I always get the frame wrong and have often been to impatient to keep on filming. Second, I like to do the things of which I know I can be potentially good at and I'm not sure if I'll be able to become a good filmmaker. So maybe I'll spend a lot of time and energy on practicing something without getting to the level I'm supposed to and for sure, feel incompetent most of the time. 

So why have I signed up for this course at all, you wonder? I love films and movies, I enjoy storytelling, I see exciting things happening all around me and I want to be challenged to the bone, I want to experience what it's like to start learning from scratch, failing and trying again. I don't have to win an Oscar in a few years time, I just want to explore the medium that I enjoy so much, develop my vision, learn a lot of new skills and be sure that by the end of the course, I am able to make a movie that is interesting and won't make people nauseous when watching it because of the camera shake.

I want to combine the exercises with movies and series I've watched in relation to the subject I'm studying about. Therefor, my discussions about what I've been watching might be a bit focused on one element only, but I think this will help me in learning step by step and focusing on what I should be doing in the part of the course I'm at. 

Thanks for all your comments and support!