Assessment Report and Final thoughts on TAOP

Last week I received the Feed Forward and Overall Comments of my assessment. I have been pretty busy with People and Places and the holidays, so it was good to be reminded of all the work I've done and my learning process.

The feedback is quite what I expected:

'This is a strong submission and full of striking imagery. You have good observational skills and as you demonstrate in Assignment 5, an ability to produce a coherent photo essay. It is encouraging to see your application to the historical and contemporary contexts around the medium, although there is plenty of room to add depth to your analysis and evaluation of practitioners, work and writing on photography.'

In my work I have tried to come up with images that are different and off the beaten path and it's good to see that recognized. I do agree with that I need to add depth to my analysis of practitioners, work and writing on photography. I often think a lot about what I'm reading and seeing, and I have even read more and gone to more exhibitions than written down in my log. It's just that I'm often too hurried to get an other post off my check list instead of taking my time to really think about what the work has done to me and find the words how to express that. Having to write in an other language than my my mother tongue might have to do something with that as well.

All in all I would like to thank my tutor Pete Davis for being such a great encouragement and support during the course!