Working towards Assignment 5: Selection

I visited the bus painters in the middle of the day, which made the lighting difficult, but on the other hand, gave nice contrasty images. Here's the first rough selection I made concerning the images. My goal was to show how the bus painters work and how their tradition and religion influence the way they work, their environment and the results.  

I wanted to make a combination of the painters, their environment and the buses themselves, to get a good idea of what one might see when visiting a paint shop. To make sure there was enough diversity in the images, I wanted to balance out the images with the painters at work, portraits, the shop itself and the bus. And besides that really keep in mind all the things I had learnt throughout the course. These were the final images I chose:

DSC_9093 (1).jpg

This image shows the concentration on the face of the painter, the preciseness of work, and the colored stripes on his shirt. Besides that, it shows the cooperation between the painters and how they work side by side. compositionally, there's a nice diagonal line, some pattern and lots of contrasting colors. 


Of all Fiara's portraits, I find that in this one he really shows how proud he is to be a painter. The other images were a bit too staged. I like how the shade of his cap acetates his eyes and softens his face. The background is dark, thus creating a space between the background and subject, but still colorful and visible enough to show how interesting it is. 


I thought it was a nice to show some of the interior of the painters shop. This scenery attracted me because of the shapes and striking colors. There are lines, patterns and it gives a good feel of the messiness inside.



The painters use their little finger to keep the lines straight. This is one of my most favorite images. It's a good juxtaposition, the line of the word leads the viewer to the main subject of the image. Besides that, the word of that is being painted, 'Alhamdoulilah', is what it's all about for the painters. 


This is another favorite. The roof of the shop frames the image in a very interesting way, the face on the wall is looking at the painters work and it shows the almost completed bus. The bus was actually not completely straight, which you can see in the final post process result, which makes the viewer think for a second.


The wall of the shop is used as an address book, something to wipe the brushes of and of course to advertise the shop. I was surprised by the American Flag on the box and how they even paint their sound system.  


The front of the bus gives a good reflection of how faith and tradition is combined in the painting of the buses. I also like the combination of colors, the use of black and white and how clear it is that words attract most of all, even when they are surrounded by really bright colors and eyes. 


Again, this picture shows the concentration of the painters when they're working. This painter is obviously a bit less messier than the other one and more introvert. He's wearing a typical Senegalese hat. I like how the lines and the painter form a triangle and how the benches in the bus make a rythm. 


I saw this note on the wall of the shop. It shows how seriously people take their prayer time and how engrained religion is in society. Besides expressing their faith in their work, the painters take their own prayer life seriously and respect that of their coworkers. 


These images were all taken within one photoshoot. After I had selected them, I realized I needed to add an image of the buses on the street, just so that the viewer realizes how much part of the city scene this buses are. So I went to the bus station and got this image.

The next blog I'll explain how I post-processed the images and why.