Working towards Assignment 5: Other options

Already from the beginning of this part of the course I have been thinking about what subject to use for the final assignment. I knew I would be in France and The Netherlands this summer so thought it would be interesting to do stories about something I'd come across. But just before we left, a friend of mine asked if I'd like to go to the bus painters and do a photo shoot. Those pictures ended up to be the ones I'll send in. So actually the first images I took for this part, but ok, that doesn't really matter.

So here are  a few of the other subjects I've explored. First of all, my mother's garden.

What attracted me about this subject is the fact that I could combine the images of the flowers and vegetables together with my mother at work. This way it would be possible to show a lot of techniques that I've learned throughout the course. The light at night was really beautiful, my mother is an avid gardener, which is pretty obvious in the images, so a good option.

Then there are the images of my dad and his telescope.

My father is a very enthusiastic, skilled amateur astronomer. He likes to build his own gear, sharpen his own lenses and is always thinking of how to solve certain obstacles he comes across in his work. Because it is difficult to locate the exact spot of the north, he built his own tripod on which he can install his telescope that helps him focus on the northern star. The green book has been his logbook for year, and the image where you see him pointing at the start was already 10 years old. Below he wrote down: So where is the north? I love how my dad is so precise and creative in finding and building his solutions. That is what I wanted to portray in this narrative.

An other option is 'Katendrecht', a suburb in Rotterdam with a very interesting history, that you can read about in this post: Through my photographs I wanted to show the layers of history one can find on such a small area of land and the people who live here and their stories. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to take all the images to make up a complete story, and I did think the images might not be dynamic enough. But I did get some nice shots:

After watching Cig Harvey's video, I started thinking about making self portraits with a narrative element. But I wanted to tell the story of my body, so not draw attention on how things look, but more on the function of the body parts, what they've done etc. Here's example that I ended up using for the juxtaposition exercise and a few other ones. These images give an idea a of the concept I had in mind.

I asked my tutor if the set fits well within the assignment, but he suggested I'd go for the bus painters images instead. I can see why. It does take a long time to make the images, process them and really think about how to bring the message across. The bus painters images tell a clear story, are colorful and contain a lot of the elements that were taught in the course. So now I'll continue with showing you the how and why of selecting the images.