I love literature and looking for the hidden meaning of things. Using symbolism in photography suits really well in that liking, so I want to explore using symbols more when taking images. The use of symbols asks for a certain mindset, therefor this exercise seems like a good practice to get there. So here's the list! 

 * Subjects that symbolize growth: Seedlings, arrows up, something small and big next together, babies.
 * Ways to use that in an image: Use the subjects as an added element in the photo itself or focus on the subject itself. Show a sequence of something from small to big.

 * Subjects that symbolize excess: Obesity, Piles of Money, table full of food
 * Ways to use that in an image: Put the extreme of excess next to the extreme of emptiness, show somebody eating lots and lots of food, show garbage. 

 * Subjects that symbolize crime: Guns, handcuffs, money, maffialooking person
* Ways to use that in an image: Show somebody who is being arrested, with handcuffs and a gun.

 * Subjects that symbolize silence: Pointing finger in front of mouth, still water
 * Ways to use that in an image: Person holding finger in front of mouth, showing an empty, white room, landscape with still water and sunset.

 * Subjects that symbolize poverty: skinny people, dirty people, empty cup, almost empty jar
 * Ways to show that in an image: Person in ragged clothes alone on a bench. Plate with only one slice of bread on table and empty jar
It's a bit difficult to write these things down, I guess when taking an image and planning the atmosphere, it is important to consistently think about how to enrich the image with symbolism and subjects that might strengthen the ideas that one tries to convey.