Assessment - Final touches Assignment 5

After receiving the feedback for Assignment 5 I first thought that I would not change any pictures from the ones I had sent in. But while working on my assessment, I did realize that my tutor's remarks concerning the number of images and the fact that I'm using a lot of portrait sized photos were really worth noticing and changing the images for. So that's what I've done. Here's the image I sent and the one I'll replace it with.

As my tutor had mentioned, there's more depth in the image and as a viewer, I am more engaged in the photo because there's more visible of the work that's being done. So that was a good suggestion! 

While adding images to my assessment, I did want to add one that was a bit different from the painters and work itself and showed somewhat the state of the bus. So I thought this would be a good addition. It shows the inside and also how old and run down the bus actually is. 

Assignment 5-11ready-web.jpg

In the Assessment, I've adjusted the text a little, made a a bit more concise without loosing what I wanted to say. Since I'm submitting the images in book form, I want to keep it all as minimalistic as possible.