Assessment - Book layout

I've been thinking a lot on how I wanted to present my images. I know that the assessors prefer to see prints and I also wanted to have some tangible results of the work I've done in the past year.  

So I decided to have the images printed in book form. I watched the videos on the OCA website on what the assessors expect the submission to look like and kept that in mind while designing the layout. I want to keep it all as minimalistic as possible and keep all focus on the images itself. So one image a page, centered in the middle with a white background. 

To keep the interest of the reader going, I have tried to put the images in an order that has diversity, but on the other hand shows how the images belong together. The captions refer to the elements of the assignments themselves and not about the place of people in the photographs. It will be printed on professional photo paper, and have a linen cover. Here's the book!