Assessment - Final touches Assignment 4

There's not too much to change about the images I sent in for Assignment 4. I have made a completely different shot for the texture in natural light, since my tutor suggested to crop in on the actual part of the chair that shows the texture. So here's my the image I sent in and the new one. 

As you can see, it's a good change. The texture is much more obvious and the photo itself stays interesting enough.

An other suggestion my tutor gave was to clone out some of the chopped of paint on the chair in the artificial light texture image. I've cloned out some spots in other images as well, so that there are less distracting elements in the images. This is the best example of what difference it makes: 

The other image I've changed is the color one. I did not like the color too much after the whitebalance. It's not how I perceive the chair most of the time, so I thought I'd change it a bit.  

Now the image has a muh warmer feel to it and the color seems more evenly spread, without too many shadows and highlights.