Assessment - Final touches Assignment 3

Looking back at the course, I think I have struggled most with getting this assignment done. I tried still lives, looked for specific combinations and tried to get a lot of diversity in the final product, sometimes choosing an image over a better one, just for the sake of diversity. My tutor's feedback was very constructive, as always, and helped me to adjust the images in a way that it makes the image more attractive. I've also swapped a few images for ones that are better and/or reflect the idea of the color combinations more. As in the other post on the final touches, I'll show both the images that I sent in for the assignment and the ones I have submitted for Assessment and explain the changes. 

Complementary colors: 

By adjusting the RGB levels and the separate color levels, this image has much more clarity and has more depth. 

To add some snap, I have cropped this image a bit to balance out the trees and leaves a bit more, adjusted the levels of the colors and put it through high pass filter to sharpen up the photo.

My tutor had pointed out in the feedback how the three men take the viewer across the frame in a diagonal line. I wanted to stress that even more by taking away the distracting highlights on the log and dodging the yellow wall behind. The image is a bit cropped to eliminate some distracting elements in the front and on the wall. 

As you can see, I've swapped this image. Not because I don't like it, but my tutor suggested that the portrait itself was so striking, that it would benefit from cropping the girl out and use it as a contrasting color image instead. I have chosen this image with the girls, because the red/pinkish hues complement well with the green benches. I also really like all the completely different looks on their faces, but still their school uniforms keeps them as a unity.

Contrasting Colours

My tutor suggested that the image of the ocean would have worked better in a landscape format, so I tried that, but didn't like the final result too much. The colors look a bit over processed when I turn up the saturation and all. So instead of that, I've cropped the image of the girl in the orange dress and adapted the colors and dark and light areas a bit. Now there's a nice contrast with the orange dress and green leaves in the back. The funny thing was that when cropping, I discovered that there's a little girl standing right behind the other girl! Maybe that explains her cheeky look! 

To make the contrast between the colors, the graffiti artist and his work even more striking, I have cropped the image a bit and leveled out the RGB channels. Now there's more clarity and the colors pop even more. 

Now that I've learned more about Photoshop and Camera Raw, I knew that I should lens correct this image a bit. I've also added more contrast, brought in more clarity by adjusting the levels. I think the patterns of the highway, the windows in the back are more obvious now, while on the other hand the taxi does seem to have a more prominent role in the image.

In order to keep some diversity in the images, I added the photo of the flowers. My tutor had suggested to use a wider depth of field, so that all the colors would be more prominent. Instead of this, I decided to add an other favorite that has a lot of contrasting elements as well. The blue in the artist's glasses contrasts with yellow wall, the yellows and reds contrast, as well as the purple and yellow. I took this image at noon, using a silver/gold reflector, which explains the soft shadows in the back. 

Colour Accents

My tutor mentioned that the layout of this image was pretty obvious and formal. He didn't call it as such, but when you look at it, it doesn't seem to have a lot of dynamics to it. So I had an other look at the image and decided to crop it in a different way, now showing a strong diagonal divide in the image with a bit of shoe of a fishermen.The fish has a context now and the image shows much more of the place where the image was taken. 

This image was regarded as a good shot and I wanted to stress the strong aspects more in post process. There's more contrast, I've highlighted the paintings on the wall and lens corrected the overall picture. By adding a bit more space on the sides I find that the rhythm of the fans and the paintings come out stronger.

I haven't changed too much in this image, just sharpened it a bit more, put more highlights on the red areas and cropped it a tad to put more stress on the central part of the image. 

My tutor had mentioned in the feedback that the color accent on the roof of the train station showed how even a small accent can break up the rhythm of an image and that this one and the image in the church have a lot in common. That's why I thought it would be nice to use the other image instead, since it's a good example of how the lighter and cigarette really distract the viewer from the central part of the image, interesting as it may be. The purple of the lighter and yellow/orange of the cigarette complement each other, stressing the color accents even more. 

Similar Colors

I wanted to add more clarity in the colors, especially the sky. By leveling out the color channels, there is more contrast between the sky and foreground, bringing more dynamic to the composition as well as the colors. 

It was suggested to crop out the plates on the sides, which I have done. I think it's a good change. I've place the plate a bit lower in the frame, so that it touches the lines of thirds a bit more as well. Besides that, I've upped the saturation and sharpened the image a bit more. Now the fish plays a more prominent part in the image as well.

There's not a lot of difference in the new version, apart from a crop that makes the viewer be more drawn into the image and more focused on the feet and hands of the woodworker. 

I haven't changed much in this image either. It's a strange image, and as my tutor noticed, interesting. I tried to crop it a bit differently, but it still feel strange. But that's what goats and feet do anyway, perhaps. 

It was a good to have a fresh look at the images and discovering that I have learned more techniques to improve my images. What's perhaps more important, because of this course and my tutor's feedback, I know how what makes an image interesting and what I can do to bring interest and dynamics to my photos.