Assessment - Final touches Assignment 2

I've finished all the assignments and am now getting ready to hand in the images for assessment. I've been going through the images I've taken, thinking of how I could post-process them better, also keeping in mind the comments my tutor has made and have changed the images accordingly. Here are the images with the changes I've made, starting with Assignment 2:


My tutor suggested that this image should have been taken from an other angle, to reduce that static effect that the symmetry brings to the image. I do agree with that, and decided to send in an entirely different image that in my idea reflects the curves idea better. The viewer walks through different curved arches in a diagonal line. In post-process, I've retouched some distracting elements and balanced the highlights and shadows to make sure that the texture is visible, but that the eye does not get stuck somewhere because the shadows are too light. 

Diagonal lines

My tutor suggested to change the image from black and white to color, since otherwise it would not really match with the rest of the set. Apart from that, I think that the colored version is much more interesting, since it also shows the texture of the walls and wood and the different layers of paint that are chipping off. Besides that, the colors in the image bring much more depth in the image.  In post-process, I've lightened up the shadows, added contrast and made the sky a bit bluer.

A combination of horizontal and vertical lines

I've leveled out this image and filtered it through a lens correction. The lines are clearer and and the colors speak more. 

 Several points in a deliberate shape

This photo needed some leveling and I've brightened up the colors and contrast. Now the lines in the sea are clear and so are the boats in the back. 

One point

In his feedback, my tutor suggested to bring more space around the image. On the left side of the image, this was not possible, but I've added a bit more space on the right. I've retouched the bird pooh and some of the white spots on the wall, so that there are no distractions from the shutters. The photo is leveled out and I've saturated the wall a bit to show the intensity of the colors more. 


Looking again at the image I realized that the rhythm of the lines and crosses was not as visible as I would like it to look like. So I've lightened the yellows and blue and cropped the image differently. Now the crosses are on the upper third part of the image, the column is more visible leading the eye more to the back row of crosses. I've dodged the highlights in the leaves and on the ground, so that those light areas don't distract too much from the fence. 


In this image I have brightened up the colors and changed the crop somewhat so that the boats are a bit more prominent in the background. While making these changes, I discovered the man hanging on the red boat for the first time! 

2 points

My tutor had already commented on the first picture that I should have used a fill in flash to get the two faces more prominent. I haven't been back to the place where I took this image, so I had to get more light in the image itself with post processing. I've cropped the image differently, because I wanted to show more of the inside of the bunker. Besides that I've used dodge and burning techniques to lead the eye from the middle of the bunker to the two faces and from there through the hallway. I've also cloned the area around the over lit spot, which drew a lot of unwanted attention. There is more clutter in the image, but I think it's more interesting and the main focus is still on the two faces. 

Distinct shapes

In the feedback it said that this image shows what I want to show from the subject, the drops of paint and shapes in the back. I burnt and dodged the image to stress that even more and have added clarity to the image. I've also cropped it a bit more, just to emphasize the barrel even more. 

All in all, I have found it very interesting to look at my images again after a few months and be able to see things that can be changed and also be able to actually do that.