Escher and negative space

I dragged my four kids to and through the Escher museum last week. I had been wanting to go there for a long time already, but now realize I should have gone on my own! So here's a short reflection of what I was able learn, despite of not really taking the time to have a good look at Escher's work.

Escher is known for using strange perspectives, patterns and mathematical concepts in his art. I find it absolutely stunning how he has been able to give me a sense of wonder and curiosity from every single image he has made. He got obsessed with a few concepts and worked with it his entire life, resulting in the best examples of what pattern and perspective can do to an image.

I was intrigued by how he explored the idea of negative space and that you really have to train you brain to become aware of what this space looks like and how it influences an image. 

So the next day I went into the forest to look for negative space. It's pretty hard! My best images concerning the negative space are the ones of the tops of trees against the skies. I haven't been able to upload them yet, but will post them once I've found my cable in  the piles of bags and stuff I have been carrying around this summer holiday.