Getting ready and selection: Texture - Natural light

Because I can't pull the sun to the side of the chair, I realized I had to get the angle of the camera in such a place so that the light was reflected from the chair in such a way that showed the surface of the chair. With the chair still standing at the top of the stairs, I discovered that it was a good place to get the reflection from the light that came from the top windows. With the light shining from above, I would have to keep the camera in the same degree as the light shining on the chair, which was about a 120 degrees, or 60 degrees calculated from the chair :-) The book 'Light, Science and Magic'  inspired me to take this approach in capturing the texture. It's not just the direction where the light comes from that determines how it is captured on the sensor, also the angle from which the photo is taken is just as important. Here are a few images to show the difference if I shoot the photo from a slightly different angle.

If you click on the photo, you'll see that the reflection of the sunlight really highlights the texture. In the first and last one it is not as visible as the ones in between, and that has everything to do with taking the photo from an angle that was first, too low, and in the last one too high.  I found it hard to decide which photo to send in. Should I only zoom in on the highlighted texture part, or show the entire chair with the highlighted spot? These are the final two images I'm choosing from:

Even though the first one shows more details of the texture, I have decided to send in the second one, because I find the image more interesting. The photo itself shows you literally where to look at. First of all, because the eye is drawn to letters and words. And it is at the 'here' where you see all the texture that I want to show in the photo. If I had zoomed in on only the word, it wouldn't be so obvious that it is really the angle of light that shows the texture on the chair.