Mark Rothko

My tutor advised me to have a look at the work of Mark Rothko. I looked up his images online and watched this episode of 'The Power of Art', which shows a lot about his work and more the motives and life behind his art. There are a few things that really stand out. First of all, Rothko is not concerned about whether people like his art, but how they perceive it and whether they are touched by it. As a beginning artist this is a very important lesson. I'm still in the process about finding my own style and what it is that drives me to make the photography I'm making, or even more, learning the techniques to take the photos of which I don't yet know that I want to take :-). Rothko's approach really focuses on the uniqueness and function of his work, not what others think about it. An other quote that stood out for me, especially after reading so much on color was: 'It's not what the colours are, but what they do'. Again stressing the interaction between the art and the viewer, not just how it is perceived.

The Power of Art - Rothko, 2006, episode, Simon Schama, BBC/Thirteen/W-Net Coproduction. Available from:  [Accessed 27 April 2013]