Assignment 3, part 2

We'll continue with our colour accents. First a few fishy photos

Red accent, blue details

Colour Accent Diagram 2.jpg

Again a still life that I stumbled upon at the fish market. I really like how the blue on the fish's skin comes back on the blue rope and how the red strikes out beautifully on the white, yellow and green background. 

Red accents

Red accents

Colour Accent Diagram 1.jpg

The fisherman who showed me his fish must have know I was doing an exercise on colours. I couldn't have wished for better composition of red accents in a similar color setting. 

Green colour accent on yellow roof

Colour Accents Diagram 3.jpg

This photo was taken at the old railway station in Dakar. The tones of the green and yellow are almost the same. Even though green and yellow are next to each other on the colour wheel, I do think the accent is almost contrasting. Maybe because the green is almost turquoise and the yellow tends towards orange. The green comes back in the lamps as well, but I haven't drawn that on the sketch.

Red and Yellow accents

Colour Accents Diagram 4.jpg

The set of images on the wall depict the passion of Jesus on his way to the cross. I tried to position the camera in such a way that all paintings were visible, but also the fans. It shows the interior of a church in the tropics. The yellow and red on Jesus' halo are very small, but because they are quite shiny and lined up the eye is immediately drawn to them. The green works complementary to the red accents.  

All in all I have really enjoyed this part of the course, not just taking the photographs, but especially looking at other people's art, scenes in nature, the way things look when the sun sets or an other time of the day. I feel that I'm starting to become of what I want to photograph instead of just shoot and hope that something nice will come out.