Assignment 3, part 1

I got my sketching done, worked on my selected photos, got inspired and now it's time to post the final photographs with relevant information regarding the use of colour. I used to make the sketches. Making the adjustments in the colour wheel to the hue, luminance and saturation was a good added practice to understand how colours are positioned towards each other and on how light changes their appearance.

Let's start with the photographs that show harmony through complementary colours.

Red and Green, photo taken in the forest of Putten, the Netherlands

Complementary Colours Diagram 3.jpg

Theoretically to be harmonious, red and green should be in a proportion of 1 : 1 in a photo. In this photo there might be a bit more green, but since the red of the leaves has more luminance, I think it looks harmonious anyway. I took this photo on a very grey day, it had just snowed a bit and it seemed that the greens and reds were even stronger because of that. 


Orange and Blue, Detail of graffiti art

Complementary Colours Diagram 4.jpg

There are a few hues visible in this photograph, but what is highlighted most are the blues and oranges, which are harmonious since the areas with blues are about twice as big as the oranges. The red and yellow lines are contrasting with the blue, but since they are so close to orange I thought the overall feel of the use of colours is more complementary than contrasting.  

Yellow/Orange and Violet

Complementary colours Diagram 1.jpg

I took this photograph before I had started the part on colour, but I do think it works very well within this assignment. The orange/yellow dress of the girl is complementary to the pinkish, purple and blue dresses of the girls in the background. The yellow/orange is much more striking then the purple in the back, so one could argue that it's not a completely harmonious image. I still decided to file it under harmony through complementary colours because the colour of the overall shade under which the girls are standing has a purple glow to it and that equalizes the orange.

Red/Green and Orange/Blue

Complementary Colours Diagram 2.jpg

This image is a good example of how more colours can be contrasting to some and complementary to others. I took this image in a woodworker's shop at 12 o'clock. The men were all sitting under a roof, but there were some holes in it, explaining the highlighted bits in the image. Being there was very special, I very much enjoy seeing people create things, the concentrated looks on their faces and their artful skills. 

From here we'll continue with photographs that have contrasting colours.




Contrasting 1 diagram.jpg

Red and Blue are a third apart from the colour wheel and therefor contrasting. I took this photo around 11 o'clock in the morning, so the light was very hard, but with some adjusting in Aperture the reds and blue do stand out nicely.

Yellow, Blue and Red

Contrast diagram 2.jpg

Of all photos this is my favorite. I had gotten up really early to get most out of the colours of the scene. The yellow of the car and the sand is a nice contrast to the blue of the building and the accents of the pillars. Even thought the red on the pavement is a bit faded, they do contrast harmoniously with the yellow and blue. 

Yellow/Red and Orange/Violet

Yellow/Red and Orange/Violet

Contrasting Diagram 4.jpg

This photo of some flowers is the only self com-positioned still life that I'm sending in. After trying to put the flowers in a nice set up I got a bit frustrated and pushed them all together on a pile. Surprisingly I quite liked that combination, there are two contrasting combinations of yellow and red and orange and purple. Since all flowers differ a bit in tones, the contrasting parts differ as well. Without the purple flower in the front I could have used the image for similar colours as well, but now the contrasting elements are much more dominant. This photo was taken in the middle of the day, but outside in the shade, so that the colours were still deep and strong. 


Contrasting Diagram 3.jpg

This photo was taken in the early afternoon, so the sun was high up and lighting was really difficult, as always with really dark skinned people with white shirts. But I am very happy with the result. I wonder if the guy was inspired by the application on his jeans when he made this graffiti and put the scarf on his head. There is also some contrast in the red and yellow on the sides of the image, but I do think the green and orange stand out most. 

Similar Colours

Warm Colours

Similar Diagram 1.jpg

There is so much colour at the fish market! This photograph was taken at a small outside restaurant near the beach. I noticed the bright tomatoes, they looked so beautiful on the plate and the tablecloth. The sun was setting and all the colours seemed to come alive. I was about to ask the lady if I could put the plate with the tomatoes a bit more in the middle to get some balance in the composition, but I thought I'd just leave it exactly the way it was and I really like it this way.

Warm Colours

Similar Colours Diagram 2.jpg

I am so amazed at how the woodworkers use their feet as much as their hands in their craft. I added this photo because the colours and texture of the wood are almost the same as the colours and texture of the man's hands and feet. They blend beautifully together and it shows even more how the material and the worker are interwoven.  

Blue, Green and Yellow

Similar Colours Diagram 3.jpg

This photo was taken on the most Western point of Africa, right before sunset. Because of this, the yellows of the flowers stand out even more and the green of the cacti have turned a bit yellowish as well. Even though the main part of the image consists of cool colours, the yellow really stands out, bringing a warmth to it. The photo does fit within the photos of similar colours because blue, green and yellow are all next together on the colour wheel. This combination shows the beauty when colours blend. 

Blue, Violet, Pink

Similar Colours Diagram 4.jpg

When you look at this photo you should actually know that right on the other side about 5 women were carrying huge buckets of water on their heads and working their butts off. I'm still not quite sure what to think about this photo and that is mainly because the goat's head is not visible. On the other hand, neither is the man's head, which leaves the viewer guessing whether he is sleeping, or reading, or hiding. I did choose this photo because there is a nice combination of cool colours with purple accents.  

For other photos, check out Assignment 3, part 2