The Ongoing Moment

It took me a long time to read this book. Not because it was boring, on the contrary, but because with every photograph discussed, I looked it up and looked at other work of the photographer and other related photography. In short, I got very happily distracted.

The book discusses certain themes that reoccur in the work of almost all well known photographer. Every time in a different way, refining the course of history, one's interpretation of other photographers' work and a certain development in the photographer's oeuvre itself. I really liked how the author points out the specific styles of photographers and how others are influenced by it and that there's nothing wrong with that. The details of the photographers' lives made the book even more interesting and fun to read. 

I find that I enjoy reading about photography and looking at other photographers' work almost just as much as the practice of photography itself. It's so nice to combine the history of art and looking into the ideas and influences of the artists with my own photography. I hope I'll be able to develop my own vision when taking photos and learn how to develop the ideas of how I want my work to look like and execute them. Right now, I'm still working too much in 'trial and error mode'.

Books like 'The Ongoing Moment' are very inspirational and I can recommend it to everybody.

Dyer, G. (2005) The Ongoing Moment, 7th edition, London: Abacus