Getting ready for Assignment 3

I keep on saying this with every part, but this part of the course has been really insightful and interesting. I had never really thought about the relationships between colours and how they create balance in a photo. As with the part on design, it has truly opened my eyes to the photographs I look at and the scenes I see around me. The assignment asks for showing different kind of relations between colours and how they function within the design of the picture.

I'm not quite sure if the colour theories really work for me. I do notice the difference in atmosphere regarding warm and cold colors, but especially the way complementary colours should relate to each other doesn't really seem to make a difference in what I like and don't like. But maybe if I train my eyes a bit more, I'll be more aware and will notice what brings harmony and what doesn't.

It's been quite a challenge to get all the photos needed and I'm not sure if I'm done yet. I find it very difficult to set up still lives, and the ones I did I wasn't too happy with. I ended up throwing all the flowers together and creating some sort of flowery landscape.

Ernst Haas has been of great inspiration. He had such an eye for the beauty of things around him and found it in reflections, water, oil spills, windows, everywhere. It doesn't seem that he would actually set up scenes himself. He was able to find them by simply looking beyond the obvious. I have a lot of respect how he can bring across what he sees and maybe even the kind of feelings he experienced while taking the picture.

Here are a few images that I'm still choosing from, there's a diversity of subjects, but I do think I've used much of the same colour combinations. There's still time left, so I will continue looking for colour and try to set up a few scenes myself. I want the viewer to be blown away by the colours when they look at my photographs and I'm not sure yet if this is the case at the moment. 

It's strange how my mind plays tricks on me and how one day I'll be really happy with what I'm doing and the next day I'm feeling totally incompetent and wonder why on earth I'm even thinking I'll be a professional photographer one day. I guess it's all part of the process. I'll just carry on and enjoy every little step that I'm taking.