Edward Weston and Family

In my practice to set up good still life photography, I've been googling and looking at a lot of images to get a feel of all that has been done out there. There are a few images that really stand out for me, one of which is 'Pepper 1930' from Edward Weston. At a first glance I didn't even see that it was a pepper, but more a sculpture of two people holding each other intimately. I was amazed at how Weston was able to communicate such feelings through a pepper. 

I started surfing his family website about an hour ago and am still doing it! The story of his career, family and how his children and grandchildren became photographers as well is reallly interesting. So is seeing how Edward's work has influenced his offspring's photography. I am specifically drawn to Cara Weston's photos. Just like in her grandfather's images, there is a strong focus on the lines and shapes of the subjects, but she uses smaller depths of field, giving the images a softer feel to it. Added to that, she uses the shades of the objects and others as an integral part of the design. 

It's beautiful and very inspiring in my own quest for learning how to improve design in my images.