Working towards Assignment 2

As I have mentioned a few times in my lasts posts, this part has been pretty challenging for me. I have learned a lot about how to position subjects in the frame, to look for lines and shapes in a scene and frame an image so that these can add an extra dimension and sense of professionalism to the picture. Since I find setting up a scene much more difficult than framing an already existing scene, I thought I'd better start looking at other photographer's work and practice until I started feeling more sure about what I was doing. 

Last September I bought a new camera for this course. Especially in still life photography I am a bit disappointed in the results. The images are not sharp and not focused correctly. I read on Nikon forums that I'm not the only one with this problem, so I'll have the camera checked as soon as I can. In the meantime, I'm trying to get the most out of it, which in a way is also a way to learn to deal with boundaries and perfect the things I can do.

There are a few different themes I have been researching, but I still haven't decided which one I'm really going to work on and send in as my final work. Here are a few examples of the themes.

The island of Goree
This is an island of the coast of Dakar, with a lot of old houses, picturesque places and beautiful people. I have already used quite a lot of this serie in my exercises. If I choose to send them in for the assessment I will go back and perfect them.

Still life of my 'inheritance'. These items used to be my grandparents, who were all born around 1900. Having been inspired by early twenty century photography, I thought it would be nice to set up still life scenes and create the same kind of atmosphere. Easier thought than done!

There's a small forest in Dakar and I really like going there. Since most of the trees grow out of the swamp, there are beautiful reflections on the water. Because the trees are very close together, I find it difficult to really show patterns and lines. The images are all a bit too messy. I would like to learn how to improve the design of an image under such circumstances.

Kitchen utensils, flowers and food. I experimented a bit with shapes and shadows. It's fun to move everything around and see the effects on the dynamics of the picture. I would like to send these in, but feel there are not enough options to meet all the different requirements of the assignments, if I would only choose flowers, or kitchen utensils for example. I also struggle with getting everything sharp an well lit. But I find that these kind of exercises really force me to get all the details right and I'm sure that these exercises will enable me to take much better pictures when the circumstances are not all set and planned.

I'll make a decision soon!