Project: Getting to know your camera

Exercise: Focus at different apertures

The idea of this exercise is to see the difference in images when taken with different apertures. The opening and closing of the aperture diaphragm influences the depth of field that can be seen in the photographs. For this exercise I took three photographs of lilies. I used my 50mm lens, since I get the widest aperture with that.  As you can see, the area that is sharp in the focus gets bigger as the aperture becomes smaller. 

I have marked the area that sort of borders the sharpness in the picture. In the picture with the f 7.1 , i marked two points. This is because they were around the same distance from the lens and with a smaller aperture this area also became sharp.

I really like the image with the wide aperture, with this subject it gives a very soft feel to the image. In other photographs, like landscape or city photography, I can just image that it's nicer to get as much detail in the image with a smaller aperture. It all depends on where you want to focus on probably!