Assignment 1: Thoughts and Ideas

Thoughts and Ideas

There are a few things that I noticed while doing the assignment. First of all, I need to learn to carefully read the instructions before starting to work. I found myself taking photographs of contrasts that weren't on the list and I let myself be carried away a bit by the subject. Which in a way isn't bad, because I did start seeing contrasts everywhere, also in pictures that I had made before, but on the other hand I do want to learn to focus more on specific instructions so that Iater in my professional life I'll be able to take photographs that people ask for specifically. Besides that, it is good to work outside of my own ideas to be stretched and challenged in my learning.

I also noticed that even though I think of subjects to shoot beforehand, the best ideas come up when I'm out there taking pictures. Just as is mentioned in the course book, I have started making lists of things that I see and notice in the streets and other places that I can use for other exercises and assignments. I think it is ok to also be led by the moment instead of planning every image beforehand, thinking ahead and seizing the moments should probably go hand in hand.

Technically, I had most difficulties taking photographs of still life. I have a new camera and I'm not too happy with the zoom lens. It just doesn't seem to focus from a close distance. Instead, I have used my 50 mm lens a lot and have been cropping a bit more. Light is also an issue when taking photos outside in a country like Senegal. Because the light is so hard, there are only a few moments in the day when the light is soft enough to not struggle too much with the shadows and bright sunlight. Besides that, I'm still figuring out whether and when I should use polarizing lenses or not.

Since this is my first assignment I don't know for sure if my work meets the assessment criteria. I have thoroughly thought through the idea of contrasts and how it can be reflected in an image and have tried to implement this in the photographs. But still there are a lot of things that I would like to improve. I'm very happy that the next chapter will be on designing the image and getting the composition right. When I look at other people's work I can really appreciate how they can make a simple subject look totally fascinating. It's something I want work on the coming weeks.