Exercise: Balance

Exercise: Balance

This project has been very revealing to me in the sense that I start to understand more and more why some pictures just don't seem to 'work' and others look really nice. I have tried to apply the rule of the thirds in my photography, but now I see that getting the balance right is an other, even more important aspect of framing an image right.

After reading the information I took my iphone and sat somewhere to make different pictures, only focusing on balance, which was really interesting. Identifying what puts an image in balance really helps strengthening my photographer's eye which will hopefully be reflected in my future work. Here are some photos that I took in the past years, I purposely also choose one of which I now find that it is out of balance. There were a lot of unbalanced ones to choose from :-)

I made little sketches of the photographs and drew the scales. Especially with drawing the scales the amount and difference of elements that define an image. Choosing what makes the balance work can be pretty tricky. For example in the first picture there are the people in the far and the girl in the front, the water and the sand, the big and small rocks, the horizon, all different aspects that define the balance.


The course book mentioned that the simpler the composition of a photograph, the easier it is to identify the balance. This is certainly true for me. I also find that a picture may be balanced in a certain element, but totally unbalanced in an other, which on the whole will give an unbalanced result. 

The concept of balance is still very new to me, I'm excited to look at other people's work and see how they have created balance in their images.